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1 A simple child's stool using 2x2's for the legs.

  1. 1 A simple child's stool using 2x2's for the legs.
  2. 2 There are so many ways to make a coffee table; this is my basic version.
  3. 3 A relatively simple bench made using 2x3's. It's real heavy duty -- and real heavy.
  4. 4 My first side chair attempt; at a 18" height, I found this surprisingly easy to make and comfortable.
  5. 5 This simple plant stand uses 2x2 legs and MDF decks. I paint a lot of my projects, but sometimes knotty pine looks just right for the design.
  6. 6 This coffee table uses "rectified" floor tiles for a snug fit without using grout.
  7. 7 This child's stool was my first blog entry and has some unusual design elements.
  8. 8 The exploded view shows the unique pinwheel leg connection. It's the overlapping glue joint that gives the stool strength.
  9. 9 The finished stool is light and strong with little torque at this height.
  10. 10 Another child's stool using the pinwheel leg construction with 2x2 legs
  11. 11 I was wondering just how simple a child's stool design could be. This is it!
  12. 12 This exploded view shows just how simple the stool is to make.
  13. 13 The finished product: I did a number of designs playing off this basic concept.
  14. 14 This bench with cushion could grow in length and width.
  15. 15 Note the added round moldings on the seat and back on this 16" chair
  16. 16 An exploded view of the 16" chair. The hardest part is cutting the angle for the back. I had to practice that using a back saw.
  17. 17 The finished chair came out great -- if I do say so myself.

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  1. wonderful to work in

    hecmorales77 /
  2. O desenho fica simples e claro para o entendimento de qualquer pessoa.

    aguza2011 /

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