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Adhesive Mortar Plant

1 General view of the plant, including dump truck unloading area

  1. 1 General view of the plant, including dump truck unloading area
  2. 2 Cut view of dump truck reception hopper and blow tank pneumatic conveyor
  3. 3 Pneumatic loading of silos and dust collection system to prevent discharging dust to the atmosphere
  4. 4 Batch hopper supported on load cells with feeders from silos and minor components weighing system (the full details are in separate drawings)
  5. 5 Transparency showing the ribbon mixer internal paddles
  6. 6 Access structures were drawn using SketchUp's dynamic components. Several excellent plugins were used to improve the accuracy of this design.
  7. 7 Sketchup vectors representing the axes of each beam in the structure. These were exported to Cadre Pro 6 to run a 3D finite element structural analysis.
  8. 8 Finite element analysis results in the 3D structure were crowded and difficult to evaluate. So each section on the structure was isolated, identified by painting represented beams on the SketchUp model and revised through color coding. Deformation is greatly exaggerated.
  9. 9 Wide angle view of process areas, including dump truck hopper and 2D bagging system layout

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  1. Dear Ernesto., For months, I have searched another AutoCAD Plant 3D and P&ID to solve my problem in drawing a chemical plant as my career. Then , I saw a SketchUp from Google products. As I knew before that its ability so powerful and simple. Now, I tried this SketchUp for my another candidate for my daily working in chemical plant. Would you like to share with me your experiences in your project above ? I meant Adhesive Mortar Plant. Do you really use SketchUp PRo 8 to draw your project ? Thank you very much indeed. Kind regards., Aries Satriyo

    ariessatriyo /
  2. mind blowing.,simply sensetional

    93shinde.harsh /

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