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1 Historical map of Arnhem showing the Agnes Convent.

  1. 1 Historical map of Arnhem showing the Agnes Convent.
  2. 2 On the basis of the historical map, a functional layout is estimated
  3. 3 Old painting gallery of the cloister. The window is used in this reconstruction.
  4. 4 After World War II, the church was badly battered. The restoration brought the church back in the state shown here.
  5. 5 Textures of the south wall of the church on the inside and outside. On the outer wall are many traces of former construction, which are captured in the model.
  6. 6 Some model textures were done in Photshop. The altar stood on an old engraving of a church interior in 1600. I always keep windows and doors in an archive for reuse in other projects.
  7. 7 Screenshot of a first modeling attempt
  8. 8 Painting of the Catharina Hospital. When Agnes had to leave the monastery, the buildings were assigned to the Catharina Hospital, the only visible change was the gateway; all other buildings were more or less still in the condition of the old monastery.
  9. 9 2D image of the courtyard garden: this was the outdoor area where the sisters were staying. This and subsequent images I processed with Adobe Photoshop.
  10. 10 The front of the monastery on the Beekstraat, "the brook" as it was called.
  11. 11 A long view of the buildings in an aged portrait style
  12. 12 The monastery: the building on the left was the "plague house." Further back were sick care and storage sheds. On the right was probably the board and waiting rooms; the monastery received regular visitors from other religious bodies.
  13. 13
  14. 14
  15. 15

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