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Beehive Sculpture

1 Photo by Sam McCabe, using a remote flash inside the cylinder: stunning

  1. 1 Photo by Sam McCabe, using a remote flash inside the cylinder: stunning
  2. 2 This was the original 2008 competition in the U.S. at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Centre.
  3. 3 The concept for Beehive chair by with the SketchUp style 'Pencil Edges With Whiteout Border' (Created by Mark Paschke)
  4. 4 I drew a guitar pick and an egg in AutoCAD polylines then made them 3D solids in SketchUp Pro. The seat form is a pick and the hollow seat intersects with the wide portion of the egg. To give appropriate ergonomics, I studied the Eames chair.
  5. 5 The chair won the Formica Formations design competition and was built by David Trubridge and his Hastings team in time for the award ceremony.
  6. 6 I made a series of 2D vertical planes at panel thickness and intersected them with the model.
  7. 7 This left me all the panels for manufacture. But SketchUp models in meshes, and we needed nurbs modeling for the 5-axis CNC machine. Using the parent AutoCAD polylines, I could give the modelers at David Trubridge the profile & offsets in DWG, and they recreated it and generated cutting sheets using Rhino.
  8. 8 The components were polished with beeswax and carefully assembled with one craftsman working over a holiday weekend to meet the deadline.
  9. 9 This photo of the finished chair (by Sam McCabe) took my breath away.
  10. 10 After being designed in Queenstown, built in Hastings and shipped to Auckland for the awards, this was my first sitting in the sculpture. (Photo courtesy of The Whole Nine Yards)

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  1. Замечательная идея, отлично выраженная! Но она никогда не сдвинется с места в доме...

    NinaArt2008 /
  2. Very good idea well expressed !

    NinaArt2008 /
  3. The sculpture looks amazing but what is it like to sit in?

    jmb4free /
  4. An aside on the Calabash which adds much to the design. In my humble knowledge calabash is the word used in Jamaica (and probably elsewhere) however each caribbean culture / island has their own word and identity for the same gourd like fruit. In Venezuela it is Tapara, Columbia Totuma, Puerto Rica Higuera and I'm sure the fruits local identity is unique wherever it is used. Every notable garden in a rain forest will have a tree to harvest the gourds for household use and often art. I have a small collection and they are each unique, beautiful, functional and high sculptures. A good choice for your empty space. By the way: Beautiful sculpture/chair!

    brad /
  5. I realize it's a Formica competition, but the design would seem to be good for 3D printing.

    thurmanh /
  6. I like it. I like layers. what is the weight?

    garyr /
  7. looks nice, looks heavy, looks expensive in production...

    lezard /
  8. It look real cool. Looking at the author in his chair make me uncomfortable as he must be. Also it looks like it is real heavy. Hard to move when cleaning house.

    abpccpba /
  9. How did you make that so smooth?

    jsdjqwenrjkaerbbjsdfr /
  10. ya, and one more thing, it looks kinda heavy....but concept is great!

    Mudra2cool /
  11. thats a great design...i think u could try different colours? they would look good, but then simplicity is the best, right.

    Mudra2cool /
  12. It looks killer! Good Work

    dketterman /
  13. I like the sculpture but have not sit on it, so... the question remains: is it a good chair ?

    renatosamba /

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