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Carlsberg Spaceman Advertisement

1 A still from the ad, showing the moonwalk

  1. 1 A still from the ad, showing the moonwalk
  2. 2 Set carpenters used these perspective AutoCAD drawings; these were developed using the DWG export functionality of SketchUp Pro
  3. 3 The set interior was modeled using NASA archives, Apollo 13 footage, and original patent drawings.
  4. 4 Using Mat Grueters' fantastic astronaut models from the 3D Warehouse allowed us to work out camera angles for the cockpit and airlock scenes, thereby reducing the size of the set.
  5. 5 We sent the SU model of the Command Module and seat to Roger Murray of Main Reactor for construction.
  6. 6 Composition is everything
  7. 7 A film still
  8. 8 The seat back frame solidly mounted on a car seat for the shoot. Hydraulic rams to simulate take-off vibrations.
  9. 9 Using Max Grueters’ models from the 3D Warehouse, it was clear that camera angles in the airlock would be a challenge.
  10. 10 SketchUp helped us realize that framing each shot would be critical.
  11. 11 The airlock suffered explosive decompression after the shoot.
  12. 12 And now the astronaut off on a mission with a chilly bin. One small step for a man…

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