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Center For Integration And Social Experience

1 A site plan for the Center

  1. 1 A site plan for the Center
  2. 2 The 3D model of the Center from multiple angles
  3. 3 Early conceptual sketches
  4. 4 Integrating the spiral design concept into the model
  5. 5 Modeling the spiral
  6. 6 Various 3D views
  7. 7 Examining the internal ramp
  8. 8 More 3D concepts
  9. 9 Internal views
  10. 10 Generating elevations and cutaways
  11. 11 Views of the landscape
  12. 12 Overviewing the entire design concept and proposal

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  1. I really like the circular pyramid-shaped roof!

    NESUA /
  2. hi there, Is there any online official tutorial for Google SketchUp? I would love to join it. Thanks.

    Abhay /

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