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Putrajaya Customer Service Center

1 SketchUp image of the main lobby.

  1. 1 SketchUp image of the main lobby.
  2. 2 Image of the completed lobby
  3. 3 SketchUp image of the main lobby; notice the glass based column
  4. 4 The finished project
  5. 5 SketchUp drawing of the information counter
  6. 6 The photo of the completed counter.`Pertanyaan' means `Inquiry' in Malay.
  7. 7 View of the upstairs office overlooking the counters
  8. 8 The completed upstairs office.
  9. 9 The sculptured staircase SketchUp image
  10. 10 The completed staircase feature
  11. 11 The space before project construction; notice the original staircase

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