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Modern Swimming Pool

1 The plan view of the initial concept shows a very simple rectangle pool, filling the north-south axis through the house. The outdoor room included an outdoor kitchen and a fireplace/TV wall.

  1. 1 The plan view of the initial concept shows a very simple rectangle pool, filling the north-south axis through the house. The outdoor room included an outdoor kitchen and a fireplace/TV wall.
  2. 2 The focal point of this concept was the striking, red glass tile feature wall which separated the pool from the spa behind, and included a narrow opening in the wall with a stainless steel scupper waterfall, and a view to a sculpture beyond. Ultimately the client decided this design, while eye-catching and artistically sound, did not fulfill her needs.
  3. 3 The view from the main living area of the home encompasses the entire project. The cool aqua colors in the glass tile and Diamondbrite plaster finish of the pool reflect accent colors used within the home.
  4. 4 The focal point of this design is the glass tile wall with custom stainless steel scupper water features. The home is near a busy Dallas thoroughfare, and the sound from these scuppers is just the right thing to mask the sounds of city life.
  5. 5 The view from the chaise lounge area of the pool deck brings into focus how the overall design seamlessly ties in with the architecture of the existing home.
  6. 6 The outdoor living area incorporates a kitchen area, a flat panel TV, a dining area, and a seating area around a raised fire pit. The visual weight of the steel structure is softened by the cedar tongue and groove ceiling, finished in a natural sealant.
  7. 7 I have just begun experimenting with the different rendering plug-ins that are available for SketchUp. This image is a bit rudimentary, but it does bring a touch of life to the image that the normal SketchUp images could not create.
  8. 8 The construction plans for this project were created in Layout. They incorporated four pages to cover elevations and details for construction. The level of detail available in these drawings is a valuable tool for the field superintendents and sub-contractors as the projects are under construction.
  9. 9 This project truly comes to life at night. With a fire in the fire pit, and the soft glow of the LED lighting in the pool (which has color-changing capabilities), the relaxing quality of the design aesthetic really slows the heart down, and draws you into the space.
  10. 10 The view back toward the house is equally stunning. I always try to create a quiet seating area on the far side of the pool, where my clients can relax and look back upon their own house, rather than always staring at their neighbors’ rooftops.
  11. 11 The materials on this project were key in completing the emotional experience. The raised bench surrounding the chaise area is Leuder limestone. he water feature wall is adorned in custom glass tile. The decks are an integral colored concrete, finished to match the Leuder limestone around the edge of the pool.
  12. 12 During construction, my client decided to expand the kitchen area by adding a smoker. By amending the drawings in SketchUp, I was able to communicate both with the client, and the stone masons, how this change would affect the project. This view also shows one of my favorite features: the outdoor shower, located on the back of the TV wall.
  13. 13 The detail on this project even extended to creating elevation plans specifically showing the mortar joints in the limestone veneered walls.
  14. 14

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  1. ya tendré una piscina igual

    oscarnacifsuarez /
  2. me gusta quebueno

    oscarnacifsuarez /
  3. I love this house i am very new to to google so all i can draw is a dog house. Can you put a tutorial on youtube to draw somthing like this?

    ryanjeffcoat6 /
  4. What fun!!

    beverlyangell43 /
  5. Thanks, all. Now, just so there is no confusion - this post includes actual photos of the finished project. The night shots, and the close-up of the water feature are not rendered. They are actual photos. One of the main points of this showcase was to include photos of the finished project, to show just how acurate the Sketchup rendering can be, when compared to the final product. I have begun using Maxwell Render, but I am just scratching the surface - a couple of those renderings are included in this post.

    randyangell4 /
  6. Super impressive, Randy!

    rhythmaker1977 /
  7. Is it easier less expensive to have some one render conceptual ideas for me in Sketch-up then by more traditional architectural means?

    EduErondu /
  8. nice

    Alanlee1113 /
  9. Love the render. The nightscape looks fabulous!

    momo.pino /
  10. @robinharry8, try maxwell render! :)

    muka.muka /
  11. Excellent work, what did you use for the additional rendering?

    robinharry8 /

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