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Otago Poolhouse

1 In 2007, we were asked to design a poolhouse to enclose an existing water feature and pool around tiled planter beds and underground services.

  1. 1 In 2007, we were asked to design a poolhouse to enclose an existing water feature and pool around tiled planter beds and underground services.
  2. 2 This was our SU concept, we showed the client the live model on laptop. It was to be hardwood post and beam and timber lined as per the brief. We had prepared 2 concepts: a wild and mild concept for the waterfeature, and mild won on the day. It was easy to demonstrate on PC.
  3. 3 The first step in my process was to decide the form and design the trusses accordingly. We decided on a clerestory structure. SU was vital for designing the structure and the aesthetic of the brackets.
  4. 4 Brackets in place, photo by Steve Mullan
  5. 5 These are all the brackets color coded for our shop drawings, which were then all broken down into flat plate for a plasma cutter, checked and double checked which took days and days….
  6. 6 The post and beam structure was beautiful and almost a shame to close in, so I made a nice pic for my records. We were using Form Font styles, which were very striking.
  7. 7 The same stage in construction - photo by Steve Mullan
  8. 8 SU again from another angle – showing the water feature
  9. 9 Steve Mullan’s dramatic HDR photography
  10. 10 When the builder, Steve Mullan of Coast & Country Projects would call with a query, we could zoom to our area on the model and see what he was describing and talk through details, which was like being up a ladder on site.
  11. 11 We gave him a copy of the model and he downloaded the free version of SketchUp and was using it on site. It greatly reduced phone communications, sped up construction and reduced the number of drawings. This would be our ideal way to design and build!
  12. 12 We could describe the look and feel of the building in our SU model, the one thing we couldn’t was the volume –I still remember the feel when I first went in when the sarking was fixed… it just felt… right. The builder said it was a little disappointing as he knew in advance how it was going to look – and he always looked forward to those little pleasant discoveries.
  13. 13 Later the Photo Voltaic cells were added - the second largest in New Zealand at the time and this one a National Award for the installation by Coast and Country Ltd and Campbell Electric.
  14. 14 We entered this project for a National Wood Awards, in Residential Architectural Excellence, Residential Engineering Excellence, Sustainability Award categories, but using recycled rather than new products was an odd fit I think. Here is a panel from our submission.
  15. 15 The end. Stunning photo by master carpenter Steve Mullan.
  16. 16 SketchUp is the ultimate in giving fast feedback from the concept to the finished build. You can’t hide mistakes with exposed posts & beams!

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