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Red Cross Firestation Playhouse

1 The model begins to take shape in phases to allow employees to view details.

  1. 1 The model begins to take shape in phases to allow employees to view details.
  2. 2 The final model, sans color, with dimension indicated for reference by carpenters. Dimensions were converted in the field to standard construction measurement.
  3. 3 Color was applied to the model to allow its use in early publicity for the Red Cross and the raffle, as well as for soliciting donations of materials.
  4. 4 An alternate view of the color model.
  5. 5 The beginnings of construction. This truck load of wood eventually became a six foot by eight foot by ten foot playhouse.
  6. 6 Carpenters begin to build a reinforced 4x4 lumber base for the playhouse. The base is over-engineered to prevent damage or warping in travel. Treated lumber is used for pieces in contact with the ground to prevent rot.
  7. 7 Carpenters begin framing walls on the ground while painters begin priming sheeting. Painting took approximately half of the total hours invested in the project.
  8. 8 Framed out!
  9. 9 The framing was completed per standing building practices, creating a very strong structure. The pictured balcony can easily hold several adults.
  10. 10 A plumber roughs in PEX tubing for the water cannon.
  11. 11 Sheeting, paint and battens have been installed. Note the red paint; it took 4 coats and additional spot touch-up to achieve the final finish. Also, an additional window was added in the back to let more light in.
  12. 12 An electrician wires up rotating, flashing and headlights. For safety, it runs off of a low voltage battery secured under the truck's seat. A metered charging outlet uses a regular extension cord to recharge the battery when needed, and the lights are on a crank timer to prevent them being left on. The plumber has also crafted and installed the water cannon.
  13. 13 The lights in action! The front red lights alternate.
  14. 14 A view of the finished playhouse.
  15. 15 The backside of the finished playhouse.
  16. 16 An upper view, showing the balcony.
  17. 17 A close up of the water cannon, powered by a standard garden hose.
  18. 18 The playhouse, loaded on a trailer for delivery to the unveiling ceremony.
  19. 19

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