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Rontana Castle

1 The site in Google Earth

  1. 1 The site in Google Earth
  2. 2 1: Site plan 2: Historical document: a hypothetical reconstruction 3: Historical document: sketch of the tower 4: The tower today
  3. 3 The well in the courtyard of the castle as it appeared at the end of the first excavation.
  4. 4 Texturing images of the well today on a 3D model
  5. 5 3D reconstruction of the “Venetian Well”
  6. 6 The well inside the castle
  7. 7 Modeling the site as it is today
  8. 8 Modeling the site as it is today
  9. 9 Wireframe model of the castle site
  10. 10 Modeling the exterior of the castle
  11. 11 Rendering the castle with textures
  12. 12 Rendering: the site today.
  13. 13 Rendering: the castle
  14. 14
  15. 15
  16. 16

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  1. This is amazing! Might I ask what plug in you used to get the photo realism with the fly through, the branches even sway! Great model!

    AmberClosterman /

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